Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes share new collaborative project ‘Evil Twin’

Texas artist Fatboyshaun and New York’s Ricky Mapes have linked for a new collaborative EP called Evil Twin. Across 7 tracks, the duo reunite for a small family reunion, showcasing chemistry that is unmatched to a level of perfection. What was once teased as a possible matchup on Shaun’s previous release has now been confirmed as the heavy-hitting dynamic duo that is Shaun & Ricky—or Evil Twin. Featuring elegant, moody production from GRIMM Doza, Micro, Cuffedgod, and more, as well as dynamic, vivid rhymes from Shaun and Mapes, the project presents a cohesive whole package that is sure to have listeners rewinding.

Opener “Evil Twin”, produced by Cuffedgod, effectively introduces the project’s sound- nocturnal, hypnotic samples blending with organic-sounding, gritty drums and rich bass. Shaun and Mapes weave together fluid verses, matching eachother’s energy sublimely to make for a cohesive whole package. “$5 Advil”, produced by Micro, brings in nostalgic, smoky horns and immersive keys to create a smooth, jazzy soundscape for the rappers’ charismatic verses. Tracks like “Grimm Carey” bring in a different sound, with a somewhat indefinable, textural beat from GRIMM Doza that complements their buttery verses nicely. Closer “Zoo York” is evocative and laid-back, with graceful keys and airy percussion bringing out a more introspective tone from the rappers. A powerful finish to the record, “Zoo York” finds them delivering imagery-rich verses that feel rich and detailed.

The latest from Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes, Evil Twin finds them delivering potent, vivid verses atop relaxing, layered production from GRIMM Doza, Cuffedgod, Micro and more. Here, they create the space for the listener to not only relate to or understand the perspective of Evil Twin- but also to contemplate whether or not they themselves are a long-lost evil twin.

Listen to Evil Twin now:


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