Famous Dex Drops Dehydrated!

Chicago artist Famous Dex releases music video for his new song “Dehydrated”.


Famous Dex is an artist that grew to fame back in 2015-2016. Songs like “with yo’ bitch” and “ok dexter” brought Dex respect from artists and rap fans all around. Catchy flow with over-the-top energy really drew people to his music and him as a person. Over the years, Dex’s music started to not bring the same energy people grew to know him for. Dex was a heavy drug user and many claimed this was the reason his music wasn’t hitting like it did when they started listening.

We started to see a not-so-healthy Famous Dex appearing in Instagram live streams and music videos. Fans started to voice concerns for the rapper as it seemed there was not a good end in sight. After a long time of seeing Dex fall into this bad place, artists started to worry for Dex. NLE Choppa put out a statement fearing for Dex where he says, “y’all see @FamousDex obviously on drugs too heavy can y’all at least try surrounding that man around somebody with his best interest.” After this, we started to see a massive outpour of love sent Dex’s way which ended up with him being taken into treatment in hopes he could start to get clean. The story doesn’t end there but I won’t be going any further into the situation.

Famous Dex Come Back?

“Dehydrated” brings big vibes from the Dex we grew to love early in his career. A much healthier-looking guy with high energy to match his iconic sound. My favorite part of this song is the way Dex comes in during each new segment and is accompanied by Dex’s famous adlibs, this is a song that will be played continuously over the next year. Comments on the video are hyping up the artist, ‘Damn this one brought back those old Dexter vibes fr’, another read, ‘Keep going DEX. This is the sound we love you for.’

The video shot by Extended Clips Ent. is a pretty standard rap music video. Seeing Dex performing with the crew behind him, dancing in the street, and flexing a lot of money. Saying that it works well with the song.

I’m excited to see how Famous Dex moves with new releases. Maybe he keeps going down this path pleasing fans and creating a second wave for himself. I will be following no matter what.

What do you think?


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