Exus shares emotive new album, ‘From Me, To You’

There are certain artists whose music just speaks to you as soon as you press play. Exus is one of those artists. His new album From Me, To You exemplifies this, as Exus lays his heart on his sleeve across 14 tracks that bristle with authenticity. It is refreshing to hear an emcee who is willing to forgo any pretensions and assumptions for verses that simply bare their soul, speaking to the listener directly. 

Moreover, he is underscored by a series of engaging instrumentals that pair shimmering, uplifting sounds with infectiously grooving, bouncy drums and bass-lines. Songs like the opener “Do You See Me?” showcase his signature style with crystalline keys, atmospheric backing vocals, and crisp drums that create a refreshing atmosphere overall. “Dancing In The Rain” makes for a project highlight with its watery keys, smooth backing vocals, and snapping percussion, matching the emotive style of Exus’ vocals cohesively. “New Life” brings in tinges of gospel and soul for a powerful song that finds Exus’ songwriting at high poignancy, making this a memorable song from the latter part of From Me, To You

From Me, To You contains many heartfelt, touching moments that stick with the listener long after the project’s run time is complete. Exus’ songwriting and lyricism take centre stage as he delivers admirably personal lines throughout that can relate to many fans, underscored by atmospheric, layered production. A solid new project overall, From Me, To You marks a strong start to the year from Exus, and it has us excited for what may be on the horizon for this rising artist.

Listen to From Me, To You here:

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