Evan200k’s Debut EP, “overlooked”

Evan200k is a producer out of Pittsburgh, PA. Nowadays, if producers put out music under their names, they usually have artists hop on their beats, so it’s more attractive on paper. For example, DP Beats’s “DPONTHEBEAT VOL 3” came out in 2018 and featured many trending artists. DP Beats makes a profit by showing people his work and also gives fans of the featured artists more music to listen to. However, Evan200k decided to release “overlooked,” a strictly instrumental EP that displayed his raw talent for creating the base of all music.

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Producers tend to be the most overlooked in the music world, hence the title. In today’s world, promoting your beats on your Instagram or making an account on a beat-selling app isn’t cutting it when it comes to getting your name out there. Therefore, producers take to releasing instrumental projects to display their prowess. Evan200k did just that in his latest release, and if you go to his Spotify, you’ll see that his decision is starting to pay off. Every song on the four-song EP has over 1,000 plays on Spotify. No offense to Evan200k, but when you compare it to his only release to his name that doesn’t have plays listed, it becomes clear that “overlooked” is starting to become somewhat of a success.

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“overlooked” is a perfect chill EP. As you listen, it’s easy to sit back and think of all the situations you could be listening to this EP. You could be studying, going on a late-night drive, meditating, having a small gathering, waiting for your class to start–the list goes on. No matter where you’re at, if you’re relaxed or trying to relax, throw Evan200k’s EP “overlooked” on, and your mood will be enhanced.

All in all, Evan200k is a producer bound for big things. You can find him on Instagram above or here and you can check out the rest of his socials and work here.


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