E The Profit drops Electric New song “Black Sweets”

On his new single “Black Sweets”, E The Profit combines a Michigan style flow with a beat that bounces viciously like a Houston slab. Adding to the Michigan feel of his flow, E makes sure to incorporate humorous lines like “if I die my girl gonna die with me she like Eva Braun, balking like I’m evil ‘Bron”. However, E The Profit is more than just a rapper who can try out the flows of other regions.

On his track “Bluegrass”, E owns his Kentucky roots by shouting out his home state and shooting a video in rural Lexington. E The Profit has also earned the cosign of Soul Serum, a rising production company comprised of Kentucky natives who’ve helped launch the careers of Je$$e, Jack Kays and Killbunk.

Check out “Black Sweets” below!

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