Dzh shares powerful single “Practice”

The prolific East Coast rapper-producer Dzh has returned with a fresh single called “Practice”. The East Orange native is a dual threat on the mic and the boards, developing his own sound and style through years of hard work and experimentation. Building a burgeoning, dedicated fanbase through engaging projects like his 2019 debut Under This Hoodie and 2020’s The Durag Tape and La Vita Nuova with Oklahoma’s Levi Hinson, Dzh has consistently displayed passionate, focused songwriting across his discography. His latest offering continues his hot streak with “Practice”, a blazing song that incorporates noise and glitch elements alongside heavy percussion that finds an interesting midway between boom-bap and trap.

“Practice”’s grimy wall-of-sound production and venomous, gymnastic flows recall something of a Wu-Tang Clan sound but in 2023, as Dzh tackles the imposing, noisy instrumentation with ease. He sound poised and hungry as he delivers bar after bar of captivating lines, drawing the listener in further and further with each stanza. Backed by a tour-de-force of booming bass, sweltering percussion and raw samples, “Practice” is a captivating, hard-hitting listen.

Check out “Practice” below and further familiarize yourself with New Jersey’s Dzh.

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