DomFromLP Is Proving To Be One Of The Underground’s Best lyricists

Straight out of La Puente CA DomFromLP is on the way to becoming a cultural phenomenon. Recently, I got the opportunity to talk and ask him a few questions.

How has where you’re from influenced the music you make?

I feel like my hood influences my music style because it kinda speaks for itself like I wouldn’t be rappin bout killin & drugs if I grew up in Beverly Hills I just talk about everything I’ve been used to and been around my whole life since as far back as I can remember

What sets you apart from other artists?

I’d say the thing that sets me apart from other artists is the simple fact that I’m young and I have a story to tell.

What inspires you to make music?

Honestly, my story inspires me to make music I have a lot to get off my chest a broken past been through shit not too many people can say they’ve been through at a young age, you know I lost my dad when I was 2 due to gun violence & it happened right in front of me.

Be sure to watch DomFromLP’s latest music video for Burnt Bridges with @xKevinMora

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Watch “Burnt Bridges” Here:

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