DMV Native Freaky P Drops His Highly-Anticipated EP “Ocean View 2″

Prince Simon Olateru who is also known as Freaky P was born & raised in Maryland which is the Washington DC area. Freaky P has traveled the world and performed in a few countries. Freaky P has been making music since early 2012 but he didn’t start recording and releasing his music until 2016.

I asked how he came up with the name “Freaky P”…

“I was formerly known as big baby. One day, I was out with my guys & they said We’re gonna call you Freaky P from now on. The P in freaky stands for Prince & Freaky because I used to freestyle about a lot of freaky stuff back in the day. I remember it like yesterday; we were walking down the block from the towers and they just said you’re freaky p now.”

His billboard was recently placed in Time Square New York and he has been gaining a lot of traction and new fans. Freaky P has given Soulja Boy a lot of inspirational advice that caught his attention. U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charting Hip Hop artist Fetty Wap has also been in Freaky P’s DM’s and was given an opportunity to be on one of Fetty Wap’s mixtapes. Freaky P has also drawn attention to Kanye West and is followed by Ye on Instagram. Freaky P said this was major for his career to be followed by Kanye, one of the greatest rappers of our time.

This past year Freaky caught the attention of movie actress Halle Berry checking out his Instagram story and reaching out to him with motivation & letting him know he is “cheerful.” Freaky P then shared with me that he just recently starred in his first movie titled “The Mall” which is set to release next month.

For more updates check out Freaky P’s socials:

Instagram @Mrfreakyp
Twitter @Mrfreakyp1


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