DJ Tomer Exclusive Interview – Get To Know The Producer

DJ Tomer has his name trending in the ears of listeners, fans, executives, and labels. DJ/Producer Tomer is based out of NYC, originally from Tel Aviv. The 41-year-old star producer has had his music in the ears of over MILLIONS of listeners. DJ Tomer has performed on global tours, been rewarded a multitude of deals and awards. Today we’re bringing on one of the greatest DJ’s of all time, DJ Tomer. 

Welcome to the magazine! How have things been for you as an artist recently?

Tomer: Thank you, deeply! They’ve been great. Always in the studio, planning new tours. However, I have also been spending more time with my family which has been extremely special.

The Pandemic was a dramatic hit for creators, how did it affect you?

Tomer: Well, I became a long-distance runner and I enjoyed home very much. The truth? I’m so grateful that the wait for the pandemic is over and I’m back at what I always designated to do; music.

Tell us how you got to where you are – what has your musical journey been like?

Tomer: Music has a very important role in my life. As soon as I arrived to NYC I went to explore the night clubs and got inspired with the big DJs /

producers at the time. I immediately got involved in the dance music industry and started producing as early as 1998 even on vinyl through some fantastic labels such as Twisted American, J records, Nervous, Lajja, Chameleon just to name a few… and eventually I was invited to Dj in legendary clubs like Roxy and Pacha. I started to travel to different parts of the world such as Taipei, Varna & Sofia, Miami, LA, Chicago, Tel Aviv and many more…

Ricardo: I’ve been producing music since I was a little kid. My job is more in the studios. I built 4 studios in the past 14 years. I had the pleasure of recording more than 2000 people in my life. I never worked on one genre. Always looking to gain more knowledge about different cultures and their arts.

One of our favorites is ‘House on a Hill’. However, ‘My Other Side of The Moon’ with Ricardo is a smash – How did you and Ricardo come to collaborate on this project?

Tomer: We actually had a mutual friend reach out to us. From just the initial conversation it was clear that we were both passionate for good music. Ricardo and I clicked, Ricardo is my music partner and the beauty of our work is that we understand each other. We both agree about the quality of sound in all our productions. We both strive to put out a world class sound.

What defines your sound through shaping your music in the studio?

Tomer: Lots and lots of audio expertise and precision. For Afro-House, I love using Xfer serum – Korg M1 which are my go-to instruments. I do throw in Omnisphere in 2 – Nexus into the mix as well. These have really helped me find my sound.

Thanks for sharing with us today, DJ Tomer. We’re excited for new music and new tours. We can see that the fans are ready.

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