DJ R Gilpin leaves you wanting more with his new track “Numb”

“Numb” has outperformed all expectations and set new streaming records. As a consequence of this song, DJ R Gilpin’s name has been well-known, and his career has taken off. His name is now well-known around the world.

DJ R Gilpin released an EP with five songs this year. Each of these songs is doing admirably on its own. The song “Numb” appears to be more popular than the others. DJ R Gilpin has truly outdone himself with this song, and we applaud him.

DJ R Gilpin is able to make tunes that catch the listener’s attention and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience by integrating instruments and other sounds. DJ R Gilpin is recognized for his EDM-influenced house music. These songs are written in such a way that the listener will be able to dance to the music when they hear them. This is exemplified by the song “Numb.”

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Check out his latest song here:


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