DJ Primetime collabs with BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon for a Summer Banger “How We Do It”

His latest single “How We Do It” is sure to get the party started!

One of the Los Angeles area’s best DJs and producers, DJ Primetime released his electrifying new single “How We Do It.” Enlisting the help of BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon, the three artists give listeners the recipe for an enjoyable night filled with friends, ladies and good vibes. 

Sampling the 90s jam of the same name by Montel Jordan, Primetime’s “How We Do It” is able to create a nostalgic vibe from that time while still reworking the beat enough to where it reflects the best parts of today’s music such as heavy bass and piano chords. The melodic and catchy chorus of the song will certainly have crowds rushing to any dance floor as they repeat it word for word, getting to showcase exactly how they “do it.”

Since his 2016 viral hit “Tear It Up” featuring Vinny West and Famous Uno, DJ Primetime has taken his craft seriously and continues to level up within his artistry. While the hit producer and DJ had always been enamored with music after learning to play the drums as young as two years old, this single on Soundcloud was the catalyst that has him working to be as recognized for his talents as his inspirations Pharell and Quincy Jones. With other notable singles such as “Tik Tok”  featuring DMB Dai, 1TakeJay and BlueBucksClan or “Player” that includes Kalan.frfr and 1TakeJay, Primetime has been teasing what exactly he has in store for the world ahead of his debut project My Life Is A Movie set to drop later this summer. 

Follow him at @_djprimetime on Instagram to receive the latest updates on the project and in the meantime stream “How We Do It” below!


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