Diving Into The Soul Of Spader With “Illuminate My Soul”

This New Jersey artist put his whole heart into this track, with just the first minute of the track. You can tell that it is coming straight from his chest. Battling a tough battle of drug abuse and homelessness. When an artist says they came from nothing, Spader came from rock bottom. This just proves how much he will be willing to fight to create his love for music into his job. In this 2:45 track, we can get an understanding of what he had going on in his life. Having one person by his side to let him know what he is capable of. Sometimes we all get so lost in what we are doing, we struggle to see the progress we have made. We just need that person telling us how well we are doing, this is what Spaders girlfriend was doing the whole journey. As we are about to dive into the season of melodic music, Spader gets on top earlier. As he opens up about his life to his fans, we are left on our toes wondering what will be next for this talented musician. Ending the year off strong, let’s find out what Spader does for the remaining time left in 2021. I have a feeling Spader will be putting himself in a strong position for 2022.

Written By: Max Lowe

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