The Chairmen

Digital Currency’s NFT ‘The Chairmen – Beat Art Gallery’ Includes Production From DJ Flipp, Laudiano + More

Adrian Swish, artist manager behind the careers of artists such as Kid Ink, RMR, Icewear Vezzo and founder of Digital Currency music distribution platform is set to debut the launch of Digital Currency Inc. web 3.0. supported by the groundbreaking NFT project The Chairmen – Beat Art Gallery.

The collection, which will be available for minting on February 1st, consists of an instrumental gallery featuring 1,800 original instrumental art pieces split into tiers of rare, super rare and ultra rare — in addition to two exclusive main covers for the project.

Each track displays both visually and sonically and represents high-brow beat art through the unique digital art pieces curated by Supreme Art Dealer. The project has also dedicated five percent of all proceeds to Technology For The Future, which is an organization that provides families and children with laptops and technology to aid their education.

The 1,800 instrumentals are broken down into 18 separate sub-packages featuring production from multiple top-tier West Coast producers such as DJ Flipp, Laudiano and Rappa who boast placements with artists such as 03 Greedo, Blueface, Smokepurpp, among many others between the trio of beatmakers.

Once fully launched on the blockchain, Digital Currency 3.0 will offer countless crypto-forward services such as minting photorealistic avatars for metaverse concerts and appearances and minting ERC 1155 or ERC 720 NFTS, Music NFTS, and videos imported directly from Nifftykit. Other highlights include a smart music marketplace, metaverse ready merch and integrated splits giving the artist 93% percent of streaming revenue.

Minting will begin on website on February 1st. Specific minting details, tiers and NFT membership information are as follows.

The Chairmen NFT Minting Details:

RARE (70) of 100

Ownership – .02% of each purchased NFT


– 66 Polygon (MATIC).

– Each NFT will unlock Beat Blaster Boom Box – Each holder will receive a digital Beat Blaster Boombox that is transportable on multiple metaverses

– Each NFT will unlock free tickets to the Got Instrumentals Music Producer Showcase / NFT Artist Showcase in Los Angeles, CA. April 2022 and in Metaverse in Feb 2021.

– Owners will receive Digi q/r code card of their specific Music NFT and will also receive an NFT sticker.

SUPER RARE (20) of 100

Ownership – .4% of each purchased NFT


– 176 Polygon (MATIC).

– Unlock NFT Merch Pack (Hat+ Hoodie + Sticker).

– Unlock a 1Hr Recording Session w/ engineer at The LAnd Studios in Hollywood, CA.

– Unlock the Studio Essentials Care Package (Goodies)

– Premium Memberships To the new Got instrumentals 3.0 Launching Spring 2022.

– Unlock Complimentary Photo Shoot (1 Location / 2 Changes).

– [Bonus] Will Also Receive The Rare Package.

ULTRA RARE (10) of 100

Ownership – 1% of each purchased NFT


– 440 Polygon (MATIC).

– Unlock a 4Hr Recording Session w/ engineer at The LAnd Studios in Hollywood, CA.

– 1 NFT will unlock the Studio Essentials Care Package (Goodies).

– Unlock Metaverse Avatars by Mirror Image Network.

– Receive 1 Mixtape Hosting package.

– Receive In-Person Consultation w/ Tentative Digital Marketing Strategy + $100 Digital Advertising Budget.

– Unlock Photorealistic Avatars – Create Photorealistic Avatars for metaverse concerts, appearances, movies, meet and greets, etc.

– Unlock NFT Merch Pack (Hat+ Hoodie + Sticker).

– [Bonus] Will Also Receive The Super Rare and Rare Package.

2 Main Covers – $2,000

– 876 Polygon (MATIC).

– Receive In-Person Consultation w/ Tentative Digital Marketing Strategy + $500 Advertising Budget.

– Unlock Complimentary Music Video Shoot (2 Locations / 2 Changes).

– Unlock DC Merch Pack (Hat+ Hoodie + Sticker).

Metaverse Ready Merch – Each NFT has the ability to create their own merch as wearable NFTs. This allows the artist to sell both the physical and digital version of their merch. The physical item can be redeemed once someone purchases the NFT and digital will be in the unlockable content as a 3D file that can be played in games and used in metaverse like decentraland, sanbox, and neos.


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