Devon The Chief Switches It Up In “TBH” ft. Twenty3Wayz

On his new single “TBH,” Devon The Chief takes a different approach. Twenty3Wayz is featured on the tune, which discusses their personal events that have formed their viewpoint throughout their lives. The song’s subject matter includes a variety of topics, including failed romances, treachery, paranoia, and lamenting the death of loved ones. Devon said in a recent interview that the extremely raw track is his “realest song to date,” and that the major purpose for his message in the song was to simply show how he is “numb to the bullsh*t and still tryna heal.”

Devon raps “It’s just me and Twenty3[Wayz] and like twenty-three bitches” during his verse on “TBH,” and the first part of this statement is highlighted in the song’s visual, since the two emcees are the only characters featured throughout the video. Viewers are transported between shots of them lounging in their garden playing dominoes, Devon sitting in thought in front of a Catholic Church, and both artists flexing their wealth by their automobiles in the midst of the desert while they both sing their introspective poems. There are also shots of them being set up in the corridors of their crib under various shades of blue and green lights, which appear to go in with the song’s general feelings.

Devon’s latest single, “TBH,” is the follow-up to his previous release, “Myself, Pt. 2.” He has a lot more planned, including another collaboration with Lil Bean and the release of a complete tape in September. For more information, follow him on Twitter at @devonthechief.

Here’s where you can listen to “TBH.”


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