gore kiss

David Shawty Gives Us A Gore Kiss

Underground artist David Shawty releases uneasy music video for the song ‘gore kiss’.

David Shawty caught my and many others’ attention last year with the song ‘Pressure’. With frequent collaborators, Yungster Jack and Hoodwtch the song went on to reach 1.97m streams on Soundcloud. The song used the glitchy vocal style that found its widespread audience last year. Since then there has been no shortage of David music, releasing 2 EPs this year alone. David is pretty experimental with his sound, with a lot of his music sounding nothing like I’ve heard before.

Gore kiss continues with the sound we’ve come to know David for. Produced by Jake Hansen, the beat has a creepy kind of vibe to it, something I’d expect to hear walking through a Halloween fair but with a trap beat on top. In some parts of the song, we hear David deliver his vocals in the moaning style that we’ve heard before on songs like, ‘was there something that you wanted?‘.

The video sees David and two girls walking around a playground or something. The video comes together with the editing tho, seeing quick edits with a max 360p quality which really sets the tone for the whole video. Pretty decent video but nothing will match his ‘Here comes the sun‘ video for me.

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