Dacks Finess Defines Hustle With “On My Grind”

Dacks Finess was a name given by his obsession with purchasing Dax hair grease from local Brooklyn beauty supply stores. He added the word Finess to describe his charismatic demeanor and rapport within his community.

Finess was into music, dance, and poetry and was an honor roll student from a strict Caribbean household. Straight from High school directly to the military, this transition led to his discovery of life’s essential rules. He is a known military veteran who turned his many lessons into wise decision-making while navigating the gritty streets of Brooklyn, NY. 

He is an authentic humanitarian and performer who seeks to bring change through his music and overall messaging. During his time in the military, Dacks learned patience and discipline to analyze every person.

The was just a bit of dope back story that shows you why on an artist with that type of hustle can make you this good of music. “On my Grind” comes from his EP ‘Top Spot (The Palindrome),’ a compilation of five diverse tracks that show the young musician’s overall talent.


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