Cuban-American Artist Yessenia Cossio Showcases Her Talents in “VIBRATIONN”

Always one to embrace a challenge, artist and producer Yessenia Cossio is taking control and hitting career milestones left and right. Hard work, dedication, and determination are what set her apart from the rest, and she will always be the last one in the studio working on perfecting her craft and finding her next breakthrough.

Hailing from Miami, this Cuban artist is one to watch as the summer approaches, set to release a slew of tracks that are pool-party worthy. Her natural talents and ear for rhythm shine through in her work, and she is excited to put out her best work for her fans and followers.

Having taken an unconventional route to the music industry, she’s been involved in the entertainment scene for a while now. She knows what it takes to make it to the top, and isn’t afraid to do the hard work that it takes to get there. Yessenia Cossio knows better than anyone that nothing in this world will be handed to you overnight, so she’s more than ready to put in her hours in the studio to earn her spot in the music industry.

Looking ahead, Yessenia Cossio highlights her latest track, “VIBRATIONN”, and is excited to collaborate with top artists today, learn from their wisdom, keep perfecting her craft, and maybe even perform some live sets later in the year.

To hear more from Yessenia Cossio and stay up-to-date on her latest projects, you can check her out at the following links:


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