Upcoming Artist coops is Putting on for Kansas with his Unique Take on Rap in Newly Released Album “17”

coops is a rising 17-year-old artist from Lawrence, Kansas whose goals and aspirations extend far beyond his hometown. Since his first introduction into music in the eighth grade, coops has never shown more love or passion towards a career like music, making songs that are unique to his life and surrounding himself with people that want to see him win. “My main goal is to be able to drop music and do shows consistently, all while being able to fully live off my art,” says coops on the topic of his life-long goals in music. 

On his path towards fulfilling that dream, coops has released his first full-length project, 10 songs in total, where he demonstrates just what he can do given the freedom and space to create music at his own pace and in his own way. With features from rising artists Surf, $amaad, and jammes, coops picks the perfect artists to complement his fresh take on new generation Rap. On standout tracks like ‘hollow,’ c’est la vie,’ and ‘wussup,’ coops proves his versatility with the strength in production, stretched vocals, good lyrical content, and unique melodies offered throughout each track. 

‘17’s’ overall message is a triumphant one. Aside from a young, talented artist who demonstrates hard work, consistency, and elevation every step of the way, its core message is also telling of where coops’ life is at right now. Though he’s only 17, his consistency proves he has the tenacity to be one of the greatest and most influential artists of the new generation. His musical capabilities, skills, and versatility will only get better as time progresses.

One thing’s for certain: coops’s promise to stay true and authentic to himself and his music and his relentless effort to be one of the most impactful artists of his generation will without a doubt, lead him to the top.

Stream ’17’ available now across all streaming platforms!


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