Cole Gordon puts his music on the listener’s mind with his new track “All For The Future”

Cole Gordon has once again produced a huge hit. His most recent song, “All For The Future,” is the latest addition to his portfolio. He wrote this song to give the listener an experience. Many individuals have voiced similar thoughts after hearing the song, characterizing it as an “unforgettable experience.”

Cole is a novice in the music scene. He is able to exploit attractiveness to his advantage. That’s how he guarantees his music is lovely in expressing itself. He has the ability to grasp the requirements of the listener. That’s how he scored a smash hit with “All For The Future.”

As the name says, “All For The Future” presents the listener with a beautiful experience that makes them want to dance with one thing on their mind. When they listen to the song, it may feel as if time has stopped for them, until all that is left is the music. It definitely is a unique experience.

On Spotify, you can listen to “All For The Future” here:


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