Cobejordan Makes a Triumphant Return with “RIGHTAMOUNT” – A Dive into His Unique Hyper-Pop Sound

Cobejordan, the talented musician who first gained recognition on SoundCloud, is back with his latest release, “RIGHTAMOUNT,” and it undoubtedly stands as his best work to date. Having been a devoted follower of Cobe’s musical journey since his early SoundCloud days, it’s inspiring to witness his unwavering passion and commitment to the art form.

From his humble beginnings on SoundCloud to the present, Cobejordan has undergone a remarkable evolution in his sound. “RIGHTAMOUNT” showcases a refined and matured version of his musical identity, signaling a significant step forward in his artistic journey. Fans and newcomers alike are in for a treat as they witness the growth and development of an artist who has stayed true to his roots while pushing creative boundaries. Be sure to stream “RIGHTAMOUNT” linked below!


Izzy Strigel Returns with Infectious New Single – “Cash Bunny”

Izzy Strigel makes a triumphant return with her latest single, “Cash Bunny,” produced by the acclaimed Olmos. This track immediately captivates with its mesmerizing sample, complemented by Izzy’s smooth, infectious vocals. “Cash Bunny” exudes a nostalgic charm, delivering an upbeat love song that sets the perfect mood for late nights. Accompanied by a visually engaging […]