Cl4pers - Want Me!

CL4PERS Drops Video For Viral Song ‘Want Me!’

13-year-old Cl4pers drops music video with DotComNirvan for viral TikTok song ‘Want Me!’.


Seemingly out of nowhere CL4PERS was talk of the internet. The 13-year-old only has 3 songs out from my knowledge and ‘Want Me!’ really took off. Every other video on my For You Page was someone praising the artist for his work and showing shock at his age. A feel-good song using tones of references from other artists just a cool vibe that most people can get behind or at least acknowledge.

I don’t want to critique a child’s music too much(lol), but I think the song ends pretty abruptly. Sometimes this works with songs so well and adds a little piece to the work. Unfortunately, in ‘Want Me!’ the quick ending feels more like the song isn’t finished. It could have used the beat fading out in the end with no vocals or something. For me, it needed that little added end.

Music Video

DotComNirvan further placed himself in the industry by creating this video for the new artist. The music video sees Cl4pers go on a joy ride in a stolen car then follow his night out. The video works great, for someone of his age. It didn’t come off childish but kept it making sense for the obvious. The editing didn’t feel too crazy with this one and seemed to center a lot more on the story. It worked tho. Very on theme for Nirvan, with the dark sky and stars coming into play multiple times throughout the video.

Closing Thoughts

Personally, I think this song is a cool vibe, and knowing who the artist is makes the work very impressive. A trend, that has been amplified throughout lockdown, is young teenagers blowing up with their music. With apps like Garage Band ready installed with your phone, it’s easier than ever for people to make music that is listenable (as long as you have an ear for what you’re doing). I was held back in my negative way of thinking and just not liking this new trend, but now I’m all in with it. It’s cool to see younger talent come into the scene and sometimes even inspire grown people. As long as you put the effort in, you can do great things. If you’re older than these guys don’t let the age of all these new artists discourage you from your goals.

What do you think?

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