Citizen Schraider is making waves in the Haitian rap world

Citizen Schraider is an Haitian-American rapper, singer songwriter, record producer Schraider Romalli Michel is formally recognized As Citizen Schraider born September 16th, 1996 in Haiti, Raised in Petit-Goâve he is also a kind-hearted soul, who selflessly puts himself out there to support others. His humble beginnings and unpopularity didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. In his case, the magic formula of patience and devotion is what brought him an increasingly growing fanbase and further inspiration for music. His obstacles were nothing but stepping stones that will always serve as a reminder that you can achieve just about anything if you put your mind to it.

He’s been composing since the age of 13 years old. He never really thought he possessed it in me to take this seriously because he was shy type. He decided he to do what needed to be acted for his fans and family also for his friends. Music is his passion, it’s not about the money. He knows the money is going to arrive on its own. One of his goals is to be the next Fantom in the diligence.
In an era where a large chunk of musical content is not authentic, Citizen Schraider writes his music entirely by himself and focuses majorly on expressing relatable stories through his music. Recently, he also opened his own record label (SMG) Schraider Music Group and plans to bring more creative people on board to collaborate and create some wonderful music.

Music has changed enormously over the years. However, one might contend that it has lost some of its diversity and poetic nature. Internationally acclaimed Haitian musician Citizen Schraider plans to convey some of that back.
Citizen Schraider is surely working his way to fame. The Haitian rapper was born in September 16, 1996 in Haiti, where he currently occupies. His talent and outspokenness couldn’t stay unnoticed as he traveled the country while researching for the spark that would later dominate his work. Schraider Romalli Michel, aka Citizen Schraider, is not but a rapper but also a successful Fashionista. His hypnotizing brown eyes and charming smile instantly what draw people’s attention to his music.

Any hip hop artist goes through trials and tribulations, especially if they’re autonomous. Lack of industry experience sets young independent artists for a cunning time. However, Citizen Schraider started to ramp up his name within the industry.

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