CEO Trayle Monsters

Rapper CEO Trayle Drops Engaging Visuals For His Song “Monsters”

Bronx born rapper CEO Trayle releases a video for his track “Monsters” with horror movie beats that set a sinister tone. The artist used music as a gateway to make ends meet in a way that was far less dangerous than what he was previously accustomed to. His most popular song “OK Cool” has nearly 11.5 million streams on Spotify and the rapper has attracted a large fan base with over 800k listeners on the platform as well. 

The video opens with 90’s style camera visuals in a cemetery setting. The rapper’s smooth cynical flow matches the energy of the dark instrumentals as he makes his way around the tombstones. An array of various camera transitions keep viewers captivated throughout the run time. Looking forward to seeing more movie quality scenes from this talented artist.