King Melik’s “Out On My Own” Redefines Fusion

In the dance of genres, King Melik orchestrates a mesmerizing fusion in “Out On My Own.” Classical elegance meets modern trap beats, resulting in a genre-defying masterpiece.  The autotune becomes a dance partner, moving gracefully through the layers of Melik’s evolving rap skills. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of self-discovery and the artist’s unwavering […]

Zeke – “Killing Me Slowly”

Zeke is a hip-hop/rap artist hailing out of Cartersville, GA. Considered by rap standards as a late bloomer Zeke started rapping/writing at the age of 19 and recording songs at 20. Since his start he has released a plethora of music including 5 albums 2 mixtapes and numerous singles to go along with that. Some […]

Exploring Identity and Inner Struggles in Ferrari Francheyez’s New Single ‘OF’

Get ready for a profound musical experience as Ferrari Francheyez drops the lead single and captivating visual, “Of,” from his highly anticipated project. With “Of,” Ferrari Francheyez invites listeners to explore the depths of identity and resilience, crafting a narrative rich with introspection and empowerment. “Of” pays homage to the enduring legacy of paternal wisdom […]