Levi Grxce – “Rolling My Eyesss”

Levi Grxce, an entertainer and progressive musician, merges skill and panache in his performances, crafting music that resonates and provokes thought. The 25-year-old, based out of California, has amassed an impressive cross-genre discography; he already has 19 albums released so far and is not backing down any time soon. He simply refuses to stand still, […]

Exploring the Depths of Keyys’ Artistry: ‘Stories To Tell’ Album Review

Emerging from the bustling streets of New York City, rapper Keyys has recently made a resounding statement with his latest masterpiece, a 12-track opus entitled “Stories To Tell.” This sonic journey, as the name suggests, delves deep into the artist’s life, encapsulating his experiences through bouncy melodies and astonishing lyrical prowess. “Stories To Tell” is […]

Duvee Davis – “IJustDoMe”

Duvee Davis is a punch drunk ex professional boxer and Iraq war veteran trying to make it in this crazy world thru the love of hip hop. Duvee is a single father raising his son in the Philippines. Duvee used his military benefits after his deployment to become a teacher and support his single parent […]