Foreign Frnd – “Tit for Tat”

Foreign Frnd is a 22-year-old from Springfield, Ohio with proud Palestinian roots. She has always loved music, from memorizing Eminem’s verse on “Forever” when she was just twelve to finding her sound while rapping freestyle to Drake’s “The Motion.” Like all good friends, she is a woman of so many talents: She graduated from Wright State University with three minors, […]

AsaTheProdigy Hits ‘The Reset’ In New Album

Backed by instrumentation from ByLoFi (most known for their production with Russ, Joey Bada$$, and IDK), Mackenzie “RoyalAnsem” Romulus, John “Johnny” Lezlie, and in-house sound architect Nicholas “NickTunez” Padilla, VA’s own AsaTheProdigy defies modern cultural norms on his brand new album ‘The Reset.’ Composed of 15 cohesive tracks, including previously released standouts “Push,” “Car Anthem,” […]

Qnova – “Talk Yo Shit Sis”

Quachavious Ellison, stage name Qnova, is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia that is flourishing into the music industry. Qnova’s unique style and rhythm compliments the hip-hop urban community. Qnova brings diversity and limitlessness, which undeniably places her to be a great candidate within many music genres. She has earned recognition and has been listed in […]

Levi Grxce – “Rolling My Eyesss”

Levi Grxce, an entertainer and progressive musician, merges skill and panache in his performances, crafting music that resonates and provokes thought. The 25-year-old, based out of California, has amassed an impressive cross-genre discography; he already has 19 albums released so far and is not backing down any time soon. He simply refuses to stand still, […]