Lift off the ground as you lose yourself to the beats of Tyler Bartel’s “Froze”

Tyler Bartel has stunned the world by releasing his new song, “Froze.” The music was a surprise to everyone. Tyler Bartel surprised everyone with this song, which no one had expected from him. Despite his reputation for ingenuity, no one expected him to produce such a high-quality album. Tyler Bartel had a natural ability to […]

Automation Empire LTD puts his music on his listener’s mind with his new track “Rockets”

This is Automation Empire LTD’s first single in as many weeks. When it comes to his latest work, “Rockets,” it’s the most recent. He wrote this song in order to provide the listener with a unique and memorable experience. After hearing the song, many people have described it as an “unforgettable experience,” and many others […]

Young J $tacks Opens Up 2022 With ‘Trap God’

Rising hip hop MC Young J $tacks has been pushing hard ever since he made his debut back in 2019.  The creative returned to the spotlight with a summer single titled ‘Trap God’ that offers an up tempo listen with aggressive lyrics about running it in the streets.  You can listen to Young J $tacks here:  You can follow Young J $tacks here:

King Nova Drops Stick Slide

Long Island-native King Nova delivers another visual from his recent LP, “The Sellout,” this time for “Stick Slide.” The track / visual features New York lyricist Nino Man, and ‘the Biggest Blogger In The World,’ ItsBizkit. Check out the full video below, and be sure to stream “The Sellout” on your preferred DSP if you […]