Kilx Jxnes Should Be on Your Radar

From the early days of Pharrell, when Teddy Riley found him and Chad Hugo at a talent show, Virginia has represented a different flavor in Hip-Hop. Kilx Jxnes is an artist out of VA who’s representative of the sort of edge that the state brings to the table sonically. He’s confidently bringing a new sound […]

Meet Rhett Vandal, The Digital Trap Rapper

Rhett Vandal is about to come to the hip-hop scene and turn it upside down with his new method of Digital trapping, Rhett inspires us to be a new age Hugh Hefner and help struggling models build and Monetize their social media platforms. Rhett Vandal currently is traveling the world Vlogging on YouTube and shooting […]

Sithlord Chamba Stacks Up On His Single “Breezy”

Sithlord Chamba follows up the success of his Went Federal single, with his new song Breezy. Sometimes life’s hectic situations can make us feel drained and overwhelmed. With his poetic style, Iman continues to encourage fans to embrace their emotion regardless of hardships life brings. This melodic record is sure to relate to fans everywhere. […]