Less Talk More Action From Worldwide Audience – Mr L-BO

LEESBURG, VA – ‘Less Talk More Action’ attracts more listeners as Mr L-BO solidifies his spot in the DMV Urban Music scene. The 23 track project features special guest appearances by some of the industry’s most influential creatives in the game. The most notable acknowledgments come from Griselda’s Benny the Butcher, popular New Orleans rapper […]

How Artist Momforkingss Is Breaking Down Barriers

Inspiring her followers all around the globe to go after what they’re passionate about, up-and-coming artist Momforkingss is making a splash in the industry with the release of her debut tracks, and she has more up her sleeve that she’s excited to reveal later in the year. Having already found success in various other avenues, […]

Mateo Berry – 23

LA-based music artist, Mateo Berry, is touching new heights in the music industry due to his consistent music releases. In the past few months, the emerging artist has been releasing music consistently and he is not showing any sign of slowing down. Recently, Mateo Berry has released his new single titled, “23” which is a […]

Prince D TNB Hot New Video “Dreams”

Las Vegas-based rapper Prince D TNB, who got his start in music by writing poetry, recently dropped his new song titled “Dreams” with a music video that’s already creating much buzz on YouTube with more than 15,000 views. Releasing the track on his actual birthday (March 9) was a major milestone for him, as he […]

The rise of upcoming musician, Kingchampkennel

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how the entertainment and the music fields have been rocked by many talented beings worldwide. These individuals have been proving their mettle in the industry by showcasing their astute skills as music professionals and artists. Some of them have even shown what it really takes […]