Darnell Da’Bachelor Looks To Make An Impact In Music

Growing up in Mississippi, Darnell Da’Bachelor was exposed to a lot of music growing up. His biggest musical influences early came from singing in his church’s choir.  Fast forward many years later and Darnell Da’Bachelor is poised to make an impact in the music industry. The creative’s sound offers a unique mixture of soul music and the blues, the artist’s bread […]

Cali native Tokyo-based creator, SonnyBCreative, releases “Project F.B.I”, his first full album

SonnyBCreative, the LA-to-Tokyo creator, releases his first full album! Embargo Release: April 13, 2022, April 13, 2022 (TOKYO) -Tokyo-based music artist, SonnyBCreative, independently releases his first full-length album, ‘Project F.B.I.’. While telling the story of his transition from sunny Los Angeles to high-speed Tokyo, this album features a variety of languages, clever collaborations, and eclectic […]