Blackkingkofi Teases New Music On His Instagram Stories

Blackkingkofi has been quiet all 2021 when it comes to releasing music. After his song “Tropics” went viral and surpassed a million streams he has been working tiredly to grow his Digital Marketing company called “Lyric Enterprise.” On Christmas day the Canadian creative took to his Instagram story to quickly post some snippets of what […]

Why Signature illi’s Latest Hit “Obsessed” and “U Know” Are Breaking Records

Hip-hop, as a musical genre, has a richly woven tapestry, and every new artist threads their unique style through it when they create within the genre. Chicago is a city that has contributed much to this rich culture, and it continues to produce talented voices with something to say. One of these voices screaming to […]

Musicians Have a Message for the Universe According to Frank Fourie

Music is a universal expression of emotions that connects humans from all walks of life. Frank Fourie believes that music is the one thing all human beings can relate to, as it permeates every part of our existence. In his description of what music means to him, Fourie says it has been a haven and […]

FlyRich Double Says Chief Keef Inspired His Country Rap Hit

Mississippi-bred rapper FlyRich Double is opening up about his success making music for the Country Rap sub-genre. In his new interview with the Diversity Mentality podcast, FlyRich Double reveals how Chief Keef inspired his hit song “Yup (On My Tractor).” “Influences I had like Chief Keef, so yeah he had that song ‘Love Sosa’ yeah […]

Gold Drip is America’s Fastest-Growing Jewelry Brand

If you’ve ever been to the New York area and decided to purchase high-quality jewelry then you may have heard of Gold Drip. Gold Drip is America’s fastest-growing jewelry brand. The company has 5 different locations and 70,000 Instagram followers within 1 year of launch. They offer a modern way to purchase authentic 14k gold […]