Canyon Continues Momentum With Hot New Track “FRIENDS”

Canyon has released a steady stream of bangers over the past few months. After his successful singles “Shark Tank” feat Raekwon, “Reservations” feat Jadakiss, and “IN THE PAINT,” which has accumulated over 1.3 million listens and landed #21 on the SoundCloud charts, it was time for Canyon to return to the scene with some new heat. Coming out strong with his latest single, “FRIENDS,” Canyon steers into a new creative direction compared to his past projects.

Inspired by War’s 1975 classic hit “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” Canyon’s “FRIENDS” is an upbeat and bouncy track providing a stimulating vibe that is infectious when it grazes through speakers. Canyon demonstrates his range effectively, and listeners can’t get enough.

“Fans will start to see that one of my best skills is that I’m very comfortable creating a variety of different kinds of songs. I would warn people not to put me in a box based on any release because I treat each song as its own, and each reflects how I’m feeling that day.”

In “FRIENDS,” Canyon showcases his ability to melodize along with production, compared to his previous raspy vocals and tight, aggressive flows. Canyon’s groovy vocal performance on “FRIENDS” places the song into the dream-pop territory. His charming and delightful tone directs attention to the vulnerability within the lyrics and the song’s purpose. As he prepares for the release of the accompanying music video directed by the Box Boys, Canyon continued to express that his inspiration behind “FRIENDS” was the importance of building a solid foundation of friendship in romantic relationships, even within his own.

“A lot of more traditional couples are more into that old-school kinda love, where friendship is secondary. But for me, my girl is my best friend, and my best friend is my girl,” Canyon continued. “As you’ll see in the video, the song is authentic to my real life and my relationship with my girlfriend, who’s also in the video. Rather than use an actress, I wanted the world to see how I really am with my girlfriend to bring the realness of the song to life.”

“FRIENDS” is undoubtedly the start of what’s going to be a fascinating year for Canyon. The rising artist is also preparing to release his upcoming album MEANWHILE. Claiming that the 12-track project will contain “one of the most eclectic and accomplished feature lists in hip-hop in the last ten years.”

Including features from Slim Thug, Big K.R.I.T., Kxng Crooked (F.K.A. Crooked I from Slaughterhouse), Dizzy Wright, Lou from Paradise, and many other surprises, Canyon is fully loaded this year and is ready to take action.

“To me, hip hop has gone in so many different directions over the past decade, so this album is bringing the lanes I appreciate most altogether,” explained Canyon. “From the beginning, I’ve always naturally wanted to embody the two genres of rap I love the most: Gritty punchline-based hip-hop and creative, deep music that bends genres.”

As Canyon prepares for a successful year in his music career, be sure to stream his latest single, “FRIENDS,” out now on all platforms!


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