Canadian singer SNJÜ Succumbs to the Devil On His Shoulder on “Glide & Swerve”

SNJÜ’s new single “Glide & Swerve” is reminiscent of the haunting yet intoxicating nature of The Weeknd’s early songs like “Often” and “The Hills”. Similar to The Weeknd’s moody ballads, “Glide & Swerve” blends psychedelic, bass-heavy production with an ode to diving off the deep end for a woman. However, things get interesting when you introduce the Diego Joel directed visual.

The singer’s spunky alter-ego stars opposite him in the song’s video. The toxic version of himself rocks shades seen on your favorite IG model. SNJÜ’s alter-ego eventually convinces him to smoke a joint and join him in his world where he freely glides and swerves. The visual’s tongue-in-cheek nature gives the song a spunkiness that R&B songs rarely pull off making the song all the more loveable. Check out “Glide & Swerve” below!

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