Bucky P Drops New Single “Around You” Featuring Casino Gaines

Omaha is home to many, and one of the many includes Bucky P. His latest single “Around You” featuring Casino Gaines is making noise in the Nebraska area. Both have been in the music game for a while from kids messing with instruments to teens hosting shows. The duo cooked up the beat at a Downtown store called Workshop, the two were doing live beats for a pop up for Sino.

The two have been known to hold a flow but this time the wild pair are switching it up for something different. “This time around we wanted to make the people dance. This is our first time releasing any music that sounds like this record right here.” Bucky P has big plans after this hit too. He partnered with T-Dro on a project titled “From OMA with Love” already underway. The RE4M pop-up tour is next on that list and a new mixtape is coming very soon. Basically, be aware of more music this Summer.

Check out more from Bucky P and his single “Around You” in the links down below. 

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