Breaking The Business Vol. 2: Motherland (Harlem, NY / Senegal)

Out of Harlem has emerged Motherland, a business dedicated to art, exotics (of all kinds), and philanthropy. Their mission is connected throughout their separate divisions: Motherland Exotics, Motherland Entertainment, and The Motherland Foundation.

The Entertainment division is aiming to empower artists to thrive on their own terms, while the Foundation is already constructing two orphanages in Saint-Louis, Senegal – for underprivileged children united under one notably strong matriarch, Sohkna Astou. Their site for the Foundation is , where you can learn more about the Foundation and their mission.

Their newly-incoming Exotics store in Harlem is a perfect tangible embodiment of the Exotics division. Set to be up in less than a month, the store will feature art from renowned fine artist Kill Che and a collection of all types of exotics – clothes, shoes, food, beverages, and more. Motherland has gracefully wedged themselves into the culture, and it’s only natural, as proven by their gradual yet certain approach. The brand’s Harlem-esque character has made appearances from A Boogie, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, G Herbo, Ray Ray, and Sidetalk on their Instagram look easy.

They have a strong foundation amongst their team, with recognizable names mixed amongst more incognito forces who are all putting in tireless work regularly. Some of these more recognizable names include artists like Hass Irv (previous work with G Herbo) and Chippi Chippi (you might be familiar with his dedicated song on Sheck WesMudboy), who have both been influential forces in Motherland‘s rapid ascension in the culture.

If you’re unfamiliar with Motherland, here are some links to check out to get more familiar:

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