“#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” by Brickbanshrty is a Blueprint

Black Kray/Sickboirari might have pioneered the goth-plugg wave, but brickbanshrty is taking the torch and sprinting with it. “#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” is what every artist interested in this kind of music should try to recreate. He executes every song perfectly and puts on one of the best performances of the underground in recent history.

As the title states, the EP is a blueprint. Everything from style choices to beat selection, to cadences, to tempo setting, brickbanshrty does everything well. For example, in “DRUG RELATIONS,” the beat features a pluggnb melody that seems slow at first and is brought up in tempo by brickbanshrty. He does so seamlessly and makes decisions some artists wouldn’t make.

But that makes this EP great; Brickbanshrty chose to be experimental. what an average artist would have done is stuck to the basics and done what Sickboirari would have done on these beats. Instead, Brickbanshrty puts his twist on the genre and gives his audience something reminiscent of the classics but also fresh because he showed who he was instead of what the genre was.

Listen to “#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” by brickbanshrty below!


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