Best New Songs Spotlight: “FEVA” By Lu’

Jesse Luketa, better known as Lu’, transcends his football stardom with a powerful debut into the music scene through his single “FEVA.” As the talented linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, Lu’ steps beyond the confines of the gridiron, unveiling a new facet of his creativity that promises to leave a lasting impression. “FEVA” is more than just a musical endeavor for Lu’; it serves as a profound exploration of his artistic identity, seamlessly intertwining the realms of athlete and artist.

Described by Lu’ as real, relatable, and undeniably catchy, the track extends an invitation to listeners to partake in a captivating musical experience. Originally hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and currently making waves in Phoenix, Arizona, Lu’ brings a rich tapestry of cultural influences to his music, reflecting the diversity of his background.

Drawing inspiration from English and French-speaking artists, alongside Congolese influences, Lu’ crafts a distinct sound that sets him apart, ensuring a unique and refreshing musical journey for his audience. Lu’s passion for music is deeply ingrained in personal experiences that extend beyond the football field. Despite harboring dreams of playing football at the highest level since the age of 7, music has been a parallel love, providing a means for him to connect with his roots and express himself beyond the confines of athletics. With a mission to disrupt the music industry, Lu’ commits to infusing authenticity and rawness into his work. His vision extends to creating “feel-good music” that resonates with listeners, aiming for a shared experience that transcends individual moments.

Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences, including legends like JB Mpiana, Bob Marley, Burna Boy, and Drake, Lu’ exhibits an eclectic mix of styles that have played a pivotal role in shaping his unique musical journey.

Check out “FEVA” below:


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