Bankroll Bigg Heats Up The Summer With Latest Release ‘Two Words One Finger’

Bankroll Bigg’s latest album, Two Words One Finger, is a spectacular effort, from the opening tune “Double Cup” to the closing track “Which One You Workin,” where he assassinates the song and gives one hell of an album.

Bankroll’s activities are detailed on the album, including selling narcotics, smoking “Zaza,” and going on daily trips, as he presents a varied record that is unquestionably a hood classic. Bankroll pours his heart and soul into the album, describing it as “[his] city, [his] culture, and [his] swag.”
Bankroll reveals a bit of himself on the album, describing his challenges while talking about his crap and demonstrating his musicianship and lyricism.

With bop after bop, Bankroll’s Two Words One Finger demonstrates his flexibility, as he can adapt to a flow or rhythm and make it his own, characterizing himself as “humble, eager, experienced, and flexible.”

Bankroll delivers great stanza after verse on standout tunes including “Double Cup,” “Pay Up,” “I Know It,” “In Love Wit The Money,” and “Which One You Workin,” showcasing his style and talent as a rapper. Bankroll is likely to win fans with his outstanding lineup of tracks from Two Words One Finger.

The video for “Ain’t Going Broke” is particularly noteworthy, demonstrating Bankroll Bigg’s abilities as a visual artist. He’s someone to keep an eye on since he’ll undoubtedly continue to turn heads and wow.

The eight-track tape features Bankroll Bigg’s trademark variety, with anthem after anthem. As he talks his stuff and enjoys himself, the record oozes with that fuck you mindset. The album is well worth listening to since it demonstrates Bankroll’s maturation as an artist.

Check out Bankroll Bigg’s Instagram account, @bankroll_bigg, as he is preparing to release another project in the coming months.

Check out Bankroll Bigg’s new album, Two Words One Finger, which you can stream below!