badmonsham Drops Second Single “Jumpin’ In The Rain”

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Badmonsham is a dope artist many of you may not have heard about. He is a new artist out of Florida with a dope voice and very original sound. Badmonsham dropped only one track in 2019 called “Espys,” and listeners seemed to love it. We’ve been waiting some time for his next release, and that day has finally come.

Jumpin’ In The Rain” is badmonsham’s second ever release, which he premiered exclusively on Daily Chiefers. I instantly fell in love with the track. The somber guitar that’s played through somehow provides a hopeful feeling as well. The track reminds me of that light at the end of the tunnel metaphor, or the sun breaking through the clouds after a rainy day.

The music video, which is in black and white, consists of badmonsham singing into the camera for the entirety of the song. “Jumpin’ In The Rain” is very fitting for the time we are living in currently, but I’ll leave the song and it’s music video up for your interpretation.

Watch the music video from Badmonsham and Daily Chiefers below!

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