Baby Zé Is Ready For Launch With Upcoming Single “TAKEOFF”

DC-raised artist Baby Zé might have just started making music back in 2018, but the long awaited visions he’s had for a career in the craft date back to his earlier years. From getting comfortable with the drums and piano in childhood, to playing in his high school concert band, to moving to Atlanta as a videographer and photographer for other artists, Baby Zé has been waiting, planning— and with the upcoming release of his new single “TAKEOFF”, he’s celebrating this new chapter in his career. 

With his self-described swag rap/trap rap style, “TAKEOFF” will document and discuss Baby Zé’s launch into the music world. As aforementioned, he wasn’t always known as an artist. Soaking up knowledge was a key part of his preparation before breaking into the industry. “Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity,” he says on the philosophy he lives by. That’s what led him to Atlanta in the first place. “I wasn’t an artist yet, but I knew that’s what I wanted to be,” he speaks on his time as a videographer. “I just knew I had to continue to be around other musical creatives.” 

While Baby Zé enjoys spending his time rollerskating, eating good, and riding dirt bikes, he’s busy working in the studio any chance he gets. His goals are to keep leveling up: to build his following, boost his streams, perform at more shows, land more features, and, eventually, give back– to provide the knowledge. Mid-takeoff, Baby Zé offers some advice to his fans and other up-and-coming artists. “Stay true to you and really work on getting in tune with yourself before you get into it,” he says. “It’s really easy for your peace to get disturbed or to lose yourself throughout this process.” 

Look out for “TAKEOFF”, Baby Zé’s new single coming soon, and stream his music on all platforms! Don’t forget to follow Baby Zé @ItsBabyZe and subscribe to his Youtube to watch all his latest visuals and keep up with him and his work!

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