Baby Jeweler releases new single “Like That”

On August 12, 2022, Philadelphia native Baby Jeweler released his latest hit record “Like That.”
Shortly after release, the single debuted in the Top 25 of the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts. The
single features a melodic R&B instrumental and catchy vocals from the artist.
Baby Jeweler has gradually gained a significant following through word of mouth and social
media. The 28 year old musician has relocated to Miami, Florida which is a great location to
pursue a music career.

Baby Jeweler’s music is inspired by a wide variety of artists; Jack White, Stevie Wonder, John
Legend, Jay Z, and many more. He first got into music around age 6. How you may ask? His
Dad owned a record store in Philadelphia before becoming a jeweler. At the record store, he
would have album signings from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind Fire, and Rick James.
This caused Baby Jeweler to become attracted to music more than the average person.

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