Azazel: A USMC Veteran Who Fully Embraced Entrepreneurship

Azazel is a force to be reckoned with. This war vet has an undying love for creativity. His love for the entertainment industry and the music world keeps him developing new ideas daily. The marine believes that only with cohesion can great things be accomplished. Azazel loves to spend time perfecting his craft and brand. He has a clear distinctive vision for his audience. Civilians may not understand his content because his goal is to represent a different perspective from a military point of view. Music is a creative way of expressing his ideals and beliefs. He is a humble and inspiring artist with a ton of accolades in the game already. His flow is impeccable with every word created to strike a nerve. It’s best to be open-minded and not sensitive if you choose to follow his journey. He has a vision so clear that the world may not even be ready for it. It’s about working hard and having fun at the same time. Azazel has the grit of a Brooklyn raised veteran with a mix of golden era hiphop and new age sounds. His creative genius and energy are not to be taken lightly. He fully embraced entrepreneurship after his time in the USMC. If there’s one thing for sure, Azazel is the epitome of a Go-Getter.


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