Rapper CEO Trayle Drops Engaging Visuals For His Song “Monsters”

Bronx born rapper CEO Trayle releases a video for his track “Monsters” with horror movie beats that set a sinister tone. The artist used music as a gateway to make ends meet in a way that was far less dangerous than what he was previously accustomed to. His most popular song “OK Cool” has nearly […]

The Spotlight Is On G.T. With His New Video for “Pretty Bitches”

Detroit rapper G.T. drops visuals for his latest single “Pretty Bitches” with dream-like uplifting instrumentals. He has been on the map since 2018 and has teamed up with rappers Currency, Babyface Ray, and IceWear Vezzo on some of his tracks. G.T. is currently sitting at nearly 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.  The video kicks off […]

Yung Tory Drops a Diamond Video for His Latest Track

Toronto native rapper Yung Tory drops visuals for his newest track “Diamonds” with soothing stringed instrumentals. The young artist started making music at the age of 19 five years ago. Tory is currently signed by Timbaland’s record label Mosley Music Group and is most known for his hit song “Netflix and Chill” featuring Fenix Flexin […]

All About Family and Friends in Flow2def’s New Video for Love Hate

Virginia native rapper Flow2def drops a music video for his latest heater Love Hate. The artist has been putting out quality music for a couple years and shows no signs of slowing down.  The video opens up with an outdoor family bbq setting by a public pool. When the beat drops, Flow’s harmonious vocals take […]

Saint Montana Satisfies with New Video For Dear Diary

New artist Saint Montana drops a music video for his latest track Dear Diary with classic film transitions. The singer has released the single after dropping his first EP earlier this year. The video starts off with tranquil acoustic guitar instrumentals along with foggy camera visuals to capture a calm scene. Montana is seen roaming […]

Apollo1027 Drops His Latest Smooth Single

Puerto Rican born artist Apollo1027, releases his latest solo single “Misunderstood” with easy-listening deep guitar instrumentals. The singer/rapper’s love for music stemmed from his musician parents as well as his high school choir experience. His most popular track “Designer Snakes” has over 2,500,000 plays on Spotify. The song starts off with relaxing somber guitar instrumentals. […]

Grooverelly, The Underd0g, and 916frosty Dive Deep With Latest Single

Underground artists The Underd0g, 916frosty and executive producer Grooverelly drop one of their latest singles “Icantunderstandme” with deep guitar instrumentals setting an emotional tone for the track. Grooverelly has been established since 2019 and has made waves with his most popular song taking in almost 250,000 streams on Spotify.  The song dives right into the […]

Kwad Starts A Movement With His Latest Single “Steppin”

Virginia native rapper Kwad drops a video for his latest single “Steppin” in anticipation of his upcoming project Uzi’s and Butterflies. The artist created recent buzz for “Big 72”; a video he released with WORLDSTARHIPHOP.  The video kicks off with a sunset setting on a blacktop court. Kwad is surrounded by his crew and stacks […]