Yungtyeee Releases “ANYTIME SOON EP”

Yungtyeee recently brought the heat with his latest drop, “ANYTIME SOON EP.” In this tremendous two-song EP, Yungtyeee delivers his take on the sound of today’s underground. In the first song, “HYDRATE,” he varies his cadence on top of this beat that seems to have come from space. He talks about how he has grown […]

Killomerta is Showing Great Promise

Killomerta is an artist out of Broward County, Florida, showing great promise in the underground. As many may know, Broward County is home to some of the 2016-17 SoundCloud era legends, and it is now cultivating a new age underground artist that is sure to shine. He has a couple of singles and one self-titled […]

“#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” by Brickbanshrty is a Blueprint

Black Kray/Sickboirari might have pioneered the goth-plugg wave, but brickbanshrty is taking the torch and sprinting with it. “#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” is what every artist interested in this kind of music should try to recreate. He executes every song perfectly and puts on one of the best performances of the underground in recent history. As the title […]

“Perfect Persona” by Brougkr

Rage beats have slowly been dying down as the main production style of the underground, but “Perfect Persona” by Brougkr is a song that makes rage beats worth a comeback. He uses his melodic voice on top of this high-energy beat to create a piece of art. This song can bring up the energy in […]

Luminous Ace’s “Nine’n” Hit 1,000,000 Streams!

Luminous Ace’s most famous song, “Nine’n” has officially reached over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Of course, any artist’s first million is always enormous. This track samples dialogue from the late XXXTENTACION. The beat itself is boom-bap-inspired and familiar to XXXTENTACION: “i spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine.”