VeucroX’s “OKAY!”

VeucroX released his single “OKAY!” 6 months ago, and it still goes hard. He talks about his life struggles in reflection to show that he is a bigger and better person now. He also speaks in the hope that one or many of his listeners can learn as well. He hopes they note that he […]

Who Are They: Heycartier

Background Heycartier is an artist out of Buffalo, NY, who has been bubbling in the underground for a while now. He accidentally received his name by changing his Instagram handle. Fans thought that was his artist alias, so he decided to run with it and give people something recognizable. Buffalo isn’t known for having huge […]

SoloSam’s Slow Jam “Calabasas”

SoloSam recently released his single, “Calabasas,” alongside MFnMelo. The two collaborated and created one of the best slow jams of the year. The two talk about tough times in this particular area and explain that they’ve finally come to terms with it. They’ve made the decision to never go back and leave all those bad […]

SageTwoFour can Hop on Any Beat

SageTwoFour recently released his EP, “On My Way!” and he shows his audience that he can hop on two different types of beats easily. Compared to the rest of his music, this EP is definitely in SageTwoFour’s lane. Still, the significant difference in melodies he chose to go for on this EP should be brought […]

OnewayTaris’s “MADE TA WIN”

OnewayTaris recently released his brand new single, “MADE TA WIN.” He talks about how he is sure to be one of the biggest in the game. On top of this excellent guitar melody and bouncy bass, OnewayTaris goes bar for bar with himself. He’s been on a run of singles ever since his album dropped. […]

Legacy508 Releases “2022 FREESTYLE”

Legacy508 recently released his song, “2022 FREESTYLE.” The incredible thing about this song is that it is coming straight off Legacy508’s dome. It’s good that Legacy508 made it known that this song is a freestyle. It makes him earn his flowers even more as a rapper. The flow Legacy came up with in this song […]