Evan200k’s Debut EP, “overlooked”

Evan200k is a producer out of Pittsburgh, PA. Nowadays, if producers put out music under their names, they usually have artists hop on their beats, so it’s more attractive on paper. For example, DP Beats’s “DPONTHEBEAT VOL 3” came out in 2018 and featured many trending artists. DP Beats makes a profit by showing people […]

Sleepsleep’s “Using Machines”

Sleepsleep is an EDM artist based in LA. On Spe. 23, 2022, he officially went five for five with his latest banger, “Using Machines.” The rising artist has released music for only a bit over two years and has accumulated over 1.5 million streams on Spotify with just five songs. However, he continues to prove […]

OT Rad’s Latest Album, “AUTORAD”

OT Rad recently released his album, “AUTORAD.” He had been teasing this album for a while and finally released it last week. Fans waited as patiently as possible and had their expectations met on Jan. 24. For the past couple of weeks, listeners have listened to and returned to OT Rad’s latest album because of […]