JayJ Is Back With Another Hit

Michigan native JayJ has been carving out his own space in the underground for two years now, building his brand around emotional lyrics. His latest track “No Doubt” features Taylr Woods, and it’s a smooth track that absolutely carries you through its three-minute runtime. Peep “No Doubt” today!

Jan Metternich Is A Prodigy Out Of Germany

At just 17 years old, Jan Metternich is a multi-talented artist that is worth adding to your playlist. The young artist not only records, but produces, mixes, and masters his own releases. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, then Jan‘s music surely will. His latest release is a song called “Dead End” and […]

Join Us In Awe Of Unusual Demont’s Latest

Welcome back to the Unusual Demont experience. If you’ve been on Spotify since the fall at least, you’ve heard “Amber” – Demont‘s breakout debut. Well he’s back to follow it up with “Pine,” more of that smooth R&B we’ve been hooked on since his 2020 debut. “Pine” is a deceptive song. With an infectious bounce […]

Nick Devitt Is “inmyhead” After Latest Drop

Born and raised in Southern California, nick devitt is one of our favorite new acts. His latest video, “inmyhead” is an impressive indication that he’s about to make a big impact. This simple visual display from nick is actually much more than that- it flaunts his vivid creativity through the music, storyline, and countless eye-catching […]