JusLo Is Back In Action With “No Concern”

Southern Florida rappers have a way of impressing global audiences with their music and vivacious personalities- and JusLo is no exception that rule-of-thumb. JusLo‘s latest drop is a video for his song, “No Concern,” another testament to the youthful artist’s uncanny ability. I’ve personally been hip to JusLo for a little over a year now, […]

Breaking The Business Vol. 2: Motherland (Harlem, NY / Senegal)

Out of Harlem has emerged Motherland, a business dedicated to art, exotics (of all kinds), and philanthropy. Their mission is connected throughout their separate divisions: Motherland Exotics, Motherland Entertainment, and The Motherland Foundation. The Entertainment division is aiming to empower artists to thrive on their own terms, while the Foundation is already constructing two orphanages […]

Livari Is Back With Another Banger, “WARZONE!”

Contributor: Avi Cantor After the success of his tapes ROADKILL! and The Yung Liv Files, 23-year-old rapper Livari is poised to light 2021 on fire with his new tracks “WARZONE!” and “Ricky Bobby”. “WARZONE!”, which is the newest of the two songs, is laced with Playboi Carti tinged, synthy piano lines, and hard-hitting 808s. The […]