G 5aby Is Back In Action With Latest, “Can’t Breathe” [Video]

 G 5aby just unveiled another unreal release, “Can’t Breathe,” which was shot by Qasquiat. At this point, it’s safe to say that these are two names you should be familiar with. In an unconventional series of rhythmic and melodic effort from G 5aby, complemented by similarly irregular locations and angles from Qasquiat, the young artist […]

“Planet Surf 2” From Surf And Grooverelly Is A Project To Behold [Album]

It’s rare to see artist and blog collaborate, let alone done perfectly. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear and see the latest from Surf and Grooverelly. Each of them have found their way to innovate within their lane, both in the reputations they’ve built for themselves and their art/content curation. Planet Surf 2 is […]

Cuban Artist Nokki Cabrera Announces Release Date For Debut EP ‘Trap Salsa’

Delivering music that’s the best of both worlds, Nokki Cabrera is here to claim her title as the ‘Princess of Trap Salsa.’ Rising artist Nokki Cabrera is getting ready to release her debut EP Trap Salsa, which will be out July 15th, 2021 on all platforms. The upcoming project includes 6 tracks that showcase her range, talent, and creativity as an artist, […]

Breaking The Business Vol. 2: Motherland (Harlem, NY / Senegal)

Out of Harlem has emerged Motherland, a business dedicated to art, exotics (of all kinds), and philanthropy. Their mission is connected throughout their separate divisions: Motherland Exotics, Motherland Entertainment, and The Motherland Foundation. The Entertainment division is aiming to empower artists to thrive on their own terms, while the Foundation is already constructing two orphanages […]

Livari Is Back With Another Banger, “WARZONE!”

Contributor: Avi Cantor After the success of his tapes ROADKILL! and The Yung Liv Files, 23-year-old rapper Livari is poised to light 2021 on fire with his new tracks “WARZONE!” and “Ricky Bobby”. “WARZONE!”, which is the newest of the two songs, is laced with Playboi Carti tinged, synthy piano lines, and hard-hitting 808s. The […]

Night Lovell Is Back In Action With “Just Say You Don’t Care”

Contributor: TJ McLaughlin Canadian native rapper Night Lovell releases his latest album Just Say You Don’t Care. The project contains a variety of producers contributing to the sinister overall tone. The rapper’s musical influence arose from his father, rapper MC Renegade. Night first began producing during his teenage years and then put his attention towards […]

4TUNAT Is Surely One To Keep An Eye On, Check “Remember”

Contributor: TJ McLaughlin 4TUNAT is one of our favorite emerging acts at the moment. At a young age, he’s already figured out his sound and his correlating brand. Pretty impressive when you take into account how difficult that is to do (differently). The video briefly begins with 4TUNAT in a studio setting, but then quickly […]

YSN Flow And Doe Boy Remind Us Ohio’s Music Scene Is It With “Do It Again”

If you know anything about Cleveland rap, then you surely know about YSN Flow and Doe Boy. Well, the two rapidly-rising artists just linked for an Ohio classic that is bound to be one for the books. “Do It Again” is easily one of our favorite records from each of them. The video was a […]