Seth McMurry’s “After Dusk” is a smashing success all across the world

Seth McMurry’s entry struck the globe by storm. His new song “After Dusk” is his official musical debut. The song has garnered great feedback from fans. It exemplifies Seth’s musical progression. We’re delighted to watch more of his outstanding songs. Seth McMurry is a successful artist that succeeds in his area. His music displays this […]

David Gongora opens the way to a new dimension of music with his new single “Work of Art”

Since its release, “Work of Art” has been breaking records on Spotify. David Gongora has released another hit single for his fans. The song is highly catchy, as evidenced by the fact that you will listen to it repeatedly. David Gongora’s skills and growth are on full display in this song. Rumor Records has always been […]

Appreciate the darkness and serenity of life with Dustin Corieri’s new single “Memories”

“Memories,” Dustin Corieri’s new song, attempts to delight listeners’ ears. Since its debut, the song has been a big success. Nobody can believe how big this song has become in such a short period of time. Because everyone who hears the music will hear it. The present house music scene has gotten a little boring. […]

“Rings” has you develop an infatuation with Anthony Malascalza and his musical creations

Anthony Malascalza’s most recent attempt, “Rings,” has assured one thing. This guy is in it for the long haul in the music industry. Everyone was blown away by the music. Due to the number of times, it has been played, the song has shattered streaming records all across the internet. Fans are looking forward to […]

Have your soul healed by Joe Heyes’s new track “Tick By Tick”

“Tick By Tick,” Joe Heyes’s most recent song, has astonished his fans once again. Within weeks after its release, the song surpassed Spotify’s records. Joe is now causing quite a stir. He’s on his way to becoming a well-known artist as a result of the song. Joe is a fresh musician that has only recently […]

whoisode Releases ‘Product of the Streets’ EP 

Florida based hip hop artist whosisode recently made his return to the spotlight with a brand new collection of songs titled ‘Product of the Streets’.  The 5 track EP features a multitude of different sounds and styles all infused into one cohesive artistic direction.  You can listen to whoisode here:  You can follow whosisode here:

MissMurrayMiaa Releases Dancehall Track ‘Hart Broken’

Rising producer, songwriter, and singer MissMurrayMiaa dove headfirst into 2022 with the release of a brand new song titled ‘Hart Broken’.  The song closes out her newest EP release titled ‘It’s a Girls World’, capturing her emotions of feeling heartbroken by someone she loved dearly.  You can listen to MissMurrayMiaa below:  You can follow MissMurrayMiaa […]

Darnell Da’Bachelor Looks To Make An Impact In Music

Growing up in Mississippi, Darnell Da’Bachelor was exposed to a lot of music growing up. His biggest musical influences early came from singing in his church’s choir.  Fast forward many years later and Darnell Da’Bachelor is poised to make an impact in the music industry. The creative’s sound offers a unique mixture of soul music and the blues, the artist’s bread […]

JG World’s new single “Money Bags” encourages you to make the best use of your money

The latest single from JG World, “Money Bags” has generated quite a buzz on the Internet. Fans of the genre are losing it over how good the song actually is. It truly speaks volumes of JG World’s talent to create music that is a massive hit.  JG World is able to show us a new […]