Jack Rasmussen, a USC student, has been a “Jack of all Trades” while in Los Angeles

Jack Rasmussen, a former USC student, has been a “Jack of all Trades” while he has been in Los Angeles. The model, author, and actor has built a following based on authenticity, likability, and passion for the pursuits he takes in life. Starting school at USC in 2019, Rasmussen instantly became addicted to storytelling and […]

ACM Juice Doubles Down With Atlanta’s Zaytoven Beats

ACM Juice talks about purchasing $15,000 dollars worth of beats from Atlanta’s finest, Zaytoven in his most recent social media video. His come-up is spot-on and he is unquestionably headed for the top. He will keep going until he reaches the highest level of the rap game. It might be incredibly challenging to develop a […]

Joey Band$, On the Road to Success

Joey Band$ started recording music in his basement on his laptop with friends at 16 years old, he used to audio engineer his own music. Born and raised in New Jersey, Joey has big goals and wants to be the next big thing, he won’t stop until he gets there. Joey Band$ biggest accomplishment is […]